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We supply instruments from the following manufacturers:


Established in 1887, Yamaha produced their first product which was a reed organ. Ten years later, the Yamaha Corporation was formed, which is the company that we know today. Before producing digital pianos, they made their own acoustic grands, which brought their digital division into the spotlight. Yamaha are well-known for their world-class Clavinova range of digital pianos.

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Established in 1946, Casio are a later entrant into the digital piano world. They started producing synthesisers before they made their first digital piano. It was these synthesisers that made Casio a real contender against other long-established brands. With ranges such as the Privia and the Celviano, there’s a piano for everyone, so pop in-store and give them a try!

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Our 3rd brand Nord is aimed at professional players as well as discerning amateurs. Established in 1983, Nord introduced the Digital Percussion Pad 1, which allowed for the dynamic playing of samples. It was actually in 2001, (after merging with Clavia in 1996) that Nord launched its first keyboard: the Nord Electro, and in 2013, they celebrated their 30th anniversary. Pop in-store to learn more, and give them a try today!

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Our newest brand to join the ranks is Korg. Founded in 1962, two Japanese college graduates were dissatisfied with the Wurlitzer Sideman rhythm machine, and how it sounded, so they decided to build their own. The first product they manufactured was released in 1963. It was an electro-mechanical rhythm device named the Disc Rotary Electric Auto Rhythm machine” Donca matic” DA-20.

Now, Korg are renowned for their robust synths and digital pianos, and their experience in making them is vast and expansive. Pop in-store to learn more, and give them a try today!

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Dexibell is born from the need to create musical products that are faithful to the highest expectations of musicians.
Dexibell has a creative energy that is fueled by the know-how, the talent, and the experience of the best and most highly regarded Italian designers and engineers.

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